Adam Davis

I moved back to Raleigh, my hometown, in 2017 looking for a lifestlye change. I spent the prior two years as a paramedic in the New York City 911 system and felt ready for a dramatic change of pace. During this transition period, I began restoring furniture out of my garage. I designed and made my first piece of furniture shortly after and fell in love with the process. I left Raleigh for a new life in the beautiful mountain town of Waynesville, NC determined to pursue making furniture full time. I am inspired by the various species I work with and their inherent qualities. I pursue the limitations of these mediums and allow the delicacy and the strength of each to inspire the form through the perspective of proportionality. The ratios which stimulate the eye are somewhat a mystery to us, even though this concept has been discussed since ancient times. I hope to explore these ratios and do justice to the great woodworkers of the past. I use their knowledge and techniques to influence and enable modern forms, while hopefully innovating on the subject myself. Thank you for visiting.